Twinkle twinkle

Goodnight sweethearts, I have been feeling so lonely lately, I kinda feel weird at school and I would rather stay home. I truly don’t know what’s going on, but I thought “maybe blogging would help” so here I am, laid on my bed, blogging. Sadly, I am a hugger-mugger type of person, I suck at making decisions and I never know what I actually want. And that gets me low all the time. Anyway, I have been feeling like that recently but I want to do something that cheers me up, do you have something in mind guys?
If you do I was hoping you could share it with me. Thank you ♡
Sincerely yours,
Airam Seven

2 comentários em “Twinkle twinkle

  1. relaxin exercises always help. try it in your room, with some candles and a good calm music every time u feel low. try to find yourself and what is hurting u. here if u need

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