Hello October

Hi guys, today is October 1st and it is my birthday’s month! So I decided to do something different from the usual. I’ll show you some things that I like or that I am enjoying to use recently, like clothes, accessories, cosmetics and films.


I choose these three clothing parts of my wardrobe because I guess that they are the ones that most like to buy this year. The dress is so simple, yet sophisticated, I love the sleeves’ details, the fact that it’s really airy and the way it looks. By the way it’s from Zara.


This top, kind of t-shirt, is from Urban Outfitters and I bought it while I was in Wales last summer. Its embroidered flowers are so beautiful and I really like its color, it’s like baby pink, what makes it so cute, even though its transparent.


Finally, the jeans. I am in love with the floral detail of these pants, it enhance the waistline, I bought them on Mango.




These earrings were given to me by a friend, they are from H&M. I like them a lot because it gives a brighter touch to any outfit and at the same time they are so charming.


This bag is one of the favorite bags that I’ve got, the color, the golden clasp, the shape, the fact that it’s velvet.. you got it ahaha I totally love it! The photos have an yellow tone, but it’s like blue turquoise I swear. I am sorry for that anyway.


Let’s talk about berets, baby (I was singing that). Well, a long time ago in my childhood, my mom used to buy me lots of them but I didn’t like it. On the other hand, now, I definitely adore them! this one is from a little shop we’ve found inside of LxFactory. It seems french, do you know what I mean? ahaha It makes me adore it even more.DSC_3246

Cosmetics/Beauty products


Recently, I’ve been using this Yves Saint Laurent’s body lotion. Ahhh it smells like summer! Besides smelling quite good it is also very moisturizing.




Secondly, this fabulous exfoliating from Eucerin. It leaves my skin so soft and calm.






The last product is an high lighter also from Primark, it has a golden tone, what looks pretty good on a brunette’s skin.



These are two of my favorite films ever, you’ve probably watched both of them, or at least, one. However, if you didn’t I recommend you do. Well, a fact about me is that I love “mind blowing” films and these two films have that sort of effect that makes you ask “what the hell is going on now?” ahaha

oe01 Ocean’s eleven is a police, action and comedy movie saga, it’s a Steven Soderbergh’s film that includes George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and the incredible Julia Roberts.


The age of  Adaline is a drama, fantasy, romance film, which tells the story of a woman whom has stopped growing old. The director of this film is Lee Toland Krieger, and the main character, Adaline, is starred by Blake Lively, who’s one of my favorite actresses.

I know, this post is a bit large… but hope you’ve liked it!

Sincerely yours,

Airam Seven

5 comentários em “Hello October

  1. Hi there! Its me 😊
    Just stoped by to say ur blog is growing amazingly! Love the way ur applied to it. The articles & photos are a bliss, ty for sharing this ‘world’ of yours, so beautiful Maria🌸😍


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