Lisbon Fashion Week 2017

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Hello hello! The tittle may make you think that I’ve attended to ModaLisboa SS18 (Lisbon Fashion week spring/summer 2018), which took place on 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th October, unfortunately that’s not true. Even so, I followed everything through the internet, so I decided to share my opinion with you guys.


These are some pieces of the collections that I liked the most, the first one by Christophe Sauvat and the next one by Luís Carvalho. What I loved the most about the first collection were definitely its colors! This worldwide known brand has several cute dresses which fits perfectly in the spring/summer tones, I think their pieces give you a natural, simple, casual style. Luís Carvalho’s designs are absolutely WOW! The pastel tones, the cut of the dresses, the way it looks on the models’ waist and shoulders. Layered dressed are my favorites, it gives you movement and seems to enhance the reflexes, effectively a good choice to take on a date.


These two looks, by Duarte (brand from the designer Ana Duarte), really had my attention on. Following the brand concept of sportswear luxury, I think, she totally reached the meaning of the idea she intended, she succeed! The looks, and basically the entire collection, are practical and comfortable (at least it’s what it looks like) yet elaborated.




Well guys (mostly girls now, right?), I have picked my top 3 favorite creations from ModaLisboa. The first and the second one are from Luís Carvalho (once again, because I really liked the collection) and the last one from Valentim Quaresma.

(1) In my opinion the dusty rose overall, made of cotton twill, is more appropriate for the beginning of spring, due to its material and for being a long leg overall. Its off shoulder (bateau) neckline, the buttons and the tight belt highlight the woman’s shape, what makes me love it more. I think it is so adorable, I adoreeee it! (2) The second design, the silk (I guess so) dress, makes me think about luxury, opulence and, at the same time, simplicity. The golden and the silver mixed together, transmit soft and elegant sensations, this dress is quite charming to wear on a exquisite event. (3) What I like in the last one is the brass top. This collection is supposed to represent determination, strength and power, and I think this top characterizes it all. It reminds me a fighter or a champion, I don’t know ahahah, but it is definitely delightful.

shoes2Heart eyes for this amazing shoe collection from Eureka.


Honestly, I was expecting much more from ModaLisboa SS18. However, I believe that all of them (designers and brands) have done their best and worked hard on it. Anyway, I am glad that, by doing this post, I’ve learn lots of new things and improved my knowledge about national designers, that until now I didn’t know that much, and about national fashion industry as well. By the way, I have something to tell you guys! By now I’ll try to be more precise with my posts, and I’ll post like two/three things a week 😀 (I’ll try!)

Sincerely yours,

Airam Seven

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