Et Paris

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was the first day here in Paris, and it was awesome!! Very very awesome. I only have a few minutes of internet during the day so I can not post as much as I wish, that’s a shame… We have seen the center of the city on friday’s night by car and stopped a couple times to take some pictures.

img_1157We got off the car in Montmartre, a bohemian neighborhood, on its top there’s the Sacré Coeur which has a breathtaking panoramic view of Paris. I have also seen Moulin Rouge and couldn’t stop thinking about the movie ahah. Then we went more to the south, to Opera Garnier and it is so beautiful, want isn’t beautiful in Paris? We got into the gallery LaFayette (trust me, is like shopping in heaven), all decorated with christmas stuff already. After that we basically catch the subway to get into Marais and spend like an hour walking there. One thing that I love about Paris is that is to easy to get where you want using the subway and there’s always one every 3 minutes. Before coming here, I have booked places for a play at the theater of Saint Martin, for my mom and I. The plot was mostly a criticism of parisian society but I loved it, and in the end of the show I talked with the comedian and she was lovely ahahah We spent the rest of the night next to the Eiffel tower and then we had tea on the avenue between Champs Elises and the triunf arc.img_1302


I can not deny how much this city dazzles me.

From Paris,

Airam Seven

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